Announcing the sale of the remaining 166 apartments in the Nokturno residential complex

7 January 2017 – As of Saturday, 11 February 2017, Družba za upravljanje terjatev bank, d. d., will launch the sale of the remaining 166 apartment units in the Nokturno residential complex. The list of the apartment units and pricing information is available at the website, where potential buyers can also browse through the Nokturno presentation leaflet The asking prices will be predefined and are not subject to negotiation.


​166 apartments with the appertaining parking spots and storage areas will be put on sale on a first-come, first-served basis, meaning the first buyer to accept the asking price will become the owner of the apartment. The second cycle of the sale process will also offer for sale additional storage areas and multi-purpose facilities, mostly located on the underground parking floors.


The asking prices will be predefined and are not subject to negotiation. BAMC’s pricing is based on the prices achieved in the first cycle (which, on average, were higher than the starting bid prices), further adjusted depending on the features and positioning of individual apartment units in the residential project. The asking prices are designed in accordance with current demand for residential units in the Nokturno residential complex, and will continue to adapt to the buyers’ preferences and the growth of real estate prices in the coastal market.


BAMC expects increased demand for these apartment units in the spring and summer, the most suitable months for selling residential properties in the coastal region. Nokturno apartments are in the higher price range, with generous indoor and terrace floor space, elevated ceilings and higher price range furnishings. The neighborhood allows for a high living quality for various segments of the population interested in buying residential properties.


Additional information:

  • More detailed information is posted at the website, under the Apartments section.
  • We recommend booking a viewing slot in advance by calling our toll-free number 080 81 18, or by sending an e-mail to
  • The asking prices will be predefined and are not subject to negotiation.
  • Before the sale process starts, a GPS navigation app will be put on the website, which will lead you to Nokturno.
  • BAMC will offer a guarantee for latent defects in accordance with the law. The sale process will be managed by the real estate agency ABC nepremičnine d.o.o., which was selected in a public tender.