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Slovenska ulica 16, Maribor Residential business buliding Maribor RE ID 1343 Residential business buliding (partly renovated, partly newly constructed).
  • Offer: for sale
  • Property category: Detached
  • Net floor area: 1,330.00 m²
  • Land plot : 459.00 m²
Residential business buliding is located in the center of Maribor in a pedestrial zone at the address Slovenska ulica 16. The real estate is comprised of fully renovated old building with two business premises, ...
Trebče 46, Bistrica ob Sotli Old house Bistrica ob Sotli RE ID 6154 Old house in Trebče 46, Bistrica ob Sotli
  • Offer: for sale
  • Property category: Detached
  • Construction year: 1970
  • Net floor area: 92.40 m²
  • Land plot : 14,894.00 m²
We are selling an old house in Bistrica ob Sotli that needs renovation. There is agricultural land nearby and large forest.  The house needs renovation. Acces is via public road. Price is negotiable! If ...
Mezgovciob Pesnici 4b, Mezgovci ob Pesnici Family house Mezgovci RE ID 6035 Family house near Mezgovci ob Pesnici.
  • Offer: for sale
  • Property category: Atrium
  • Construction year: 1983
  • Net floor area: 260.50 m²
  • Land plot : 1,062.00 m²
Older hose is located by main road betwen Dornava and Mezgovci ob Pesnici. It was build in year 1983.  House is co-owned by third part, there fore we kindly ask you, that you call us for additional information. Additional ...
Sokolska ulica 97, Maribor Residential house Maribor - IN THE FINAL STAGE OF SALE RE ID 6356 Residential house with appertaining land occupied with former lease. The viewing of the property is not possible.
  • Offer: for sale
  • Property category: Detached
  • Construction year: 1968
  • Net floor area: 111.00 m²
  • Land plot : 732.00 m²
Residential house is located in a part of town called Studenci, at the address Sokolska ulica 97 in Maribor. The house is occupied with a former leasee. The viewing of the property is not possible. The house ...
Preserje 39b, Preserje Residential building Preserje RE ID 547 Residential building built in 1977.
  • Offer: for sale
  • Property category: Detached
  • Construction year: 1977
  • Net floor area: 278.50 m²
  • Land plot : 4,035.00 m²
The subject of sale is a residential building built in 1977 which consists from a basement, ground floor and mansard floor. In the basement there is a garage and auxiliary spaces with a boiler room, from ...
Rateče 162B, Rateče Planica House Detached RE ID 5006 Quality build residential house in Rateče
  • Offer: for sale
  • Property category: Detached
  • Construction year: 2006
  • Net floor area: 214.00 m²
  • Land plot : 954.00 m²
  • Indicative price: 440,000.00 € + TAX
  • *Tax is calculated based on applicable law
The property represents a built-up plot of 954 m2m on which there is a residential building K + P + M, built in 2006. It is quality built with a higher price class; the floors are in bamboo parquet and ceramics. ...
Križ 117, Sežana 1/2 of residential house Sežana RE ID 1565 Residential house si located in a nice, small village Križ, near Sežana. For sale is only 1/2 of real estate.
  • Offer: for sale
  • Property category: Detached
  • Construction year: 1993
  • Net floor area: 248.70 m²
  • Land plot : 1,545.00 m²
  • Indicative price: 125,000.00 € + TAX
  • *Tax is calculated based on applicable law
Residential house si located in a nice, small village Križ, near Sežana. Highway is only 5 km away. The capital of Slovenia Ljubljana can be reached in less than an hour, Slovenian coast in half less. Also ...
Šolska ulica 14, Slov. Konjice Villa in Slovenske Konjice RE ID 210 Redecorated business-residential villa with garage for 4 cars and park around the house.
  • Offer: for sale
  • Property category: Other
  • Construction year: 1890
  • Net floor area: 851.00 m²
  • Land plot : 2,798.00 m²
  • Indicative price: 850,000.00 € + TAX
  • *Tax is calculated based on applicable law
Property is located in the area of residential and commercial building development within the regulatory areas of the Slovenian Konjice. Building plot has a slight upslope, flat, regular shape and is ...
Vrunčeva ulica 3, Limbuš Row house Limbuš RE ID 1928 Internediary row house with appertaining land.
  • Offer: for sale
  • Property category: Attached
  • Construction year: 2008
  • Net floor area: 162.90 m²
  • Land plot : 238.00 m²
  • Indicative price: 165,000.00 € + TAX
  • *Tax is calculated based on applicable law
Residential intermediary row-house is located in predominately residential area at the address Vrunčeva ulica 3 in Limbuš. The house has ground floor and a first floor and hasn't been occupied yet. It ...
Ozka ulica 7, Hoče - Slivnica House - IN THE LAST PHASE OF SALE 6094 Older family house in use of former tenant and his family is located in neighbourhood of family houses in Orehova vas.
  • Offer: for sale
  • Property category: Detached
  • Construction year: 1985
  • Net floor area: 249.30 m²
  • Land plot : 639.00 m²
  • Indicative price: 93,900.00 € + TAX
  • *Tax is calculated based on applicable law
Familiy house is located in Ozka ulica 7, Hotinja vas. House was built in year 1985 and it has 3 floor (basement, ground floor and mansard). It has 249,3 m2. Main entrance is on south side of the house. Family ...

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