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Parmova ulica, Ljubljana

Land plot Parmova

RE ID 31
Offer: for sale
Indicative price: 2,600,000.00 € + TAX
property category: Land plot Parmova
Address: Parmova ulica, Ljubljana
Plot area: 13,151.00 m²

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Attractive land for commercial-residential development is located on an excellent, market-appealing location on Parmova Street in the city center. The property is situated in a developing part of Slovenian capital and it represents a great investment opportunity. A municipality detailed spatial plan is adopted for the area.

The property on Parmova consists of a complex of building land for development (approx. 13.000 m2) practically in the center of Ljubljana. The land is zoned as land for central activities for high buildings with maximum height 52,50 m.

For broader area of approx. 52.000 m2 a detailed municipality spatial plan (OPPN 173: Parmova) is adopted. In spatial unit (PE) 1 is envisages construction of a business-residential complex with 6 multi-apartment buildings with up to 330 apartments with total gross floor area 37.000 m2 above terrain and 29.500 m2 in the basement.

We are selling 32 land plots in cadastral municipality Bežigrad that present bigger part of the land for execution of PE1. Some land plots are in partial ownership. A land allotment is in process to round the ownership to 1/1 part.

On the property there are several old commercial units, ready to be demolished.

The property is very suitable for potential investors that are interested to build a commercial-residential neighborhood in the immediate vicinity of city center of Ljubljana.

2.600.000 € + VAT.



Miha Perme

01/ 42 93 483
031 354 033

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