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Sunny Beach, Bolgarija

Holiday Home Hotel

RE ID 5044
4* hotel "GH OASYS" on Sunny Beach at Black Sea, Bulgaria
  • Offer: For sale
  • Property category: Hotel
  • Construction year: 2002
  • Net floor area: 16,168.00 m²
  • Land plot : 6,745.00 m²

Partizanska cesta, Sežana

Land For building

RE ID 1155-002
Land TRIKOTNIK in Sežana is located between the highway Fernetiči - Sežana, Partizanska cesta - local road leading from Sežana to the border crossing Fernetiči or freight ...
  • Offer: For sale
  • : For building
  • Land plot : 2,575.00 m²
  • Price: 125,000.00 € + TAX
  • *Tax is calculated based on applicable law

najbližji naslov: Cesta Dveh Cesarjev, Ljubljana

Building land plot, Vič Rudnik

RE ID 5059-002
Plot 799/4, with a more detailed use of other green areas, is located in a 25-meter strip along the highway, which is intended to retain flood waters. A 580/2268 ...
  • Offer: For sale
  • : Building land plot, Vič Rudnik
  • Land plot : 2,268.00 m²
  • Indicative price: 5,000.00 € + TAX
  • *Tax is calculated based on applicable law

Spodnji Slemen 68b, Selnica ob Dravi

House Detached

RE ID 6359
Residential house with agricultural land, forrest, Spodnji Slemen, Selnica ob Dravi
  • Offer: For sale
  • Property category: Detached
  • Construction year: 1975
  • Net floor area: 47.00 m²
  • Land plot : 9,475.00 m²

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Shoping Center Shoping center

RE ID 2081-003
If you are interested in buying a property, we kindly request you submit your indicative offer by either filling out the form provided or contacting the relevant contact ...
  • Offer: For rent
  • Property category: Shoping center
  • Construction year: 2011
  • Net floor area: 5,433.00 m²