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Delpinova ulica 18B, Nova Gorica

Parking space in eda Center, Nova Gorica

RE ID 2081
Offer: for rent
Indicative price: 50.00 € /
property category: Parking space in eda Center, Nova Gorica
Address: Delpinova ulica 18B, Nova Gorica
Year of construction: 2011
Net floor area: 10.00 m²
Other: 2304-3037-155, 2304-3037-199

Parking space in Eda Center for rent

Under the Eda Center business building is available in K1-K5 parking space size 10,00 m2.

The cost of renting a parking space is a gross of 50 EUR / month with costs.

Elite location and clever architectural design
The EDA Center business building is located at the intersection of the commercial, administrative and social axis, in an elite central location in Nova Gorica. The building is easily accessible, it is very visible and it blends in well with the surrounding area. 
Thanks to its location, its own parking spaces, its generous floor plans and its well-designed and diverse architectural design, EDA Center offers an opportunity to develop one of the most visible business/commercial and cultural centers of the entire Goriška region.

Nova Gorica - Center of the Goriška region
The city lies on the border between Slovenia and Italy and is inseparably connected to its Italian counterpart Gorizia. It is the administrative, academic, cultural and economic hub of the Goriška region. The city of Nova Gorica has a population of roughly 32,000. It is a city with a fresh urban beat. It is home to numerous companies, with a well-developed school system and its own university, as well as a number of recognized and influential cultural institutions. In 2015, the city will become the European Culture Capital, as it blends the Slavic, Italian and Germanic culture in a unique manner. Nova Gorica is known for its diverse and interesting natural and cultural heritage, which supports the development of tourism in the region. (viri:,

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