Call for binding bids for the purchase of land plots "Vilharjeva" in Ljubljana - BAMC ID 155

The subject of the sale contemplated in this call for binding bids to purchase land plots in Ljubljana - “Vilharjeva”, BAMC ID 155 are items of real estate owned by Družba za upravljanje terjatev bank, d. d., specifically this comprises vacant construction lands with a total floor area of 10,244 m2, as listed in the document attached below.

The Seller shall only evaluate substantially and formally complete binding bids to purchase the real estate, delivered within the binding bid submission deadline to the following address in a sealed envelope, by certified post or in person: Družba za upravljanje terjatev bank, d.d., Davčna ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana, marked: “DO NOT OPEN - BID TO PURCHASE “VILHARJEVA” LAND PLOTS IN LJUBLJANA - BAMC ID 155”, provided a security deposit has been paid within the bidding deadline.

The informative bid price is set at 4,500,000 € + 22% VAT that has to be paid by the buyer.

The binding bid submission deadline is 14 September 2018, 12.00 hours (inclusive).


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