Šolska ulica 14, Slov. Konjice

Villa in Slovenske Konjice

RE ID 210
Redecorated business-residential villa with garage for 4 cars and park around the house.
Offer: for sale
Indicative price: 850,000.00 € + TAX
property category: Villa in Slovenske Konjice
Address: Šolska ulica 14, Slov. Konjice
Year of construction: 1890
Year of renovation: 2002
Net floor area: 851.00 m²
Plot area: 2,798.00 m²

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Well-renovated and well-maintained 19th-century mansion
The 19th-century mansion was built by the Windischgraetz family as a residential mansion with a large wine cellar. The building was fully renovated in 2002.
The regularly and well-maintained mansion (cleaned, ventilated, heated) is fully fit for use and is secured with a burglar alarm. It has all the necessary installations, ensuring a comfortable living experience. 

Large and carefully-manicured estate
The villa stands on a sloped, regular-shaped rectangular level land plot. The entire land plot is surrounded by a 2.5-meter steel fence anchored in a concrete base. The large estate also has a manicured and expertly-maintained garden and park.
The mansion is connected via two driveways with a remote-controlled gate. The mansion’s immediate vicinity is paved with a classical granite pavement.

Diverse interiors
The mansion has a basement, ground floor, upper floor, and loft. All floors of the building are furnished and suitable for residential purposes. The floors are connected with beautiful staircases.
The entire basement level hosts a beautiful wine cellar with a vaulted ceiling and marble floors.
The ground floor and upper floor host numerous and diversely decorated chambers with marble floors.
The loft hosts a large living area, spread across the entire level. The loft has a wooden floorboards.
Next to the building is a garage large enough for four cars.
The posterior of the house opens up to a winter garden overlooking the park.

Excellent investment opportunity
The mansion is suitable both for residential and business use. The potential investor can take advantage of its market potential provided by the building’s character, location at the edge of the city, convenient accessibility, on-site park, and the privacy of the land plot.

Slovenske Konjice – A lively medieval city
Slovenske Konjice is a medieval township in the Dravinja valley. Its rich cultural and natural heritage give it quaint character and attract domestic and international tourist to the town. Slovenske Konjice is an exceptionally friendly and orderly town, as confirmed by numerous referential domestic and international awards. The town is surrounded by fertile fields and wine-bearing hills, creating a pleasant climate and offering numerous opportunities for outdoor activities and recreation.
It has a population of roughly 14,500, mostly younger people, a claim not many Slovenian municipalities are able to make. This proves that the town is a good environment for young people and families. The town is well-connected to both Celje and Maribor. (sources: www.slovenskekonjice.si, www.stat.si)

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