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Šentjur pri Celju

Basic details

RE ID 609-002
Offer: For sale
Indicative price: 40,000.00 € + TAX
: Agricultural
Address: Šentjur pri Celju
Plot area: 20,719.00 m²
Plot number: 1127 762, 1127 763, 1127 799, 1127 800

*Tax is calculated based on applicable law

Site Map

The set of agricultural and forest lands comprises four land plots, of which meadows comprise 14,245 m2 and forest 6,474 m2.

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The BAMC informs customers that it reserves the right to not select any bidder in the sales process, i.e. it is not obliged to conclude a sales agreement with any bidder for the subject of an agreement or enter into any other legal relationship, even if a bid is equal to the informative (selling) price or higher. For the sale of the subject of an agreement, the BAMC may also announce a public or electronic auction, publish a call for the submission of binding bids or conduct additional negotiations with bidders who submit similar bids. Additional information is available at the link below:

Mišo Josip Ivanec

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