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J.J. Strossmayera 11, Našice

Business premises Našice

RE ID 007
Ground floor commercial space.
Offer: for rent
Indicative price: 400.00 € / + TAX
property category: Business premises Našice
Address: J.J. Strossmayera 11, Našice
Year of construction: 1935
Year of renovation: 2011
Net floor area: 100.00 m²
Plot number: 1558/2, k.o. Našice; št. ZK vložka: 4021

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Business premises in the city center Našice
We are renting a ground floor commercial space, located in an older business and residential building, which is located in the wider city center. In front of the facility there is the possibility of parking, access is arranged on the asphalt road. According to the official records, the net floor area of the store is 105 m2, of which the sales part is 48 m2 and the warehouse is 45 m2, the rest areas are for sanitary facilities, corridors.

The facility is currently a long-term tenant, with whom we have been cooperating for many years.


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Edo Bečić

Agent license number:
+386 14 29 34 63
+386 40 97 72 35

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